The freedom of your own conviction

‘Acupuncture only works properly if you are truly convinced that it will work.’ Dr. Sun said as a comment on a treatment that didn’t go very well. A little surprised I looked at him. ‘You have to believe in it!’ I heard all the skepticts of the past in my head. The standard mocking reaction made by them after they…


The modern way of Learning Qi Gong

Learning Qi Gong in general follows a certain pattern. It will start by learning the body movements, the connected breathing, supported by a mental focus. After practice, practice and more practice slowly you will start to feel your energy in a more consistent way; your first real feeling of Qi.  Then you can start to grasp the concept of Qi…


The bigger effect of the moment

"I'm not a particularly nervous type, but I can remember that I was pretty shaky on the day of my first practical exam. This assessment consisted of examining a patient. After you had made your diagnosis you then had to treat the patient in a appropriate way with acupuncture and by putting together a proper herbal formula. All actions and…

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Qi Gong is your personal improvement

Qi Gong, like physical exercise or yoga is good for everybody. If people talk about it they almost always mention its relaxing effect. What most people don’t realize is that you can use Qi Gong for everything that needs improving regarding yourself as a human being. You can not only improve yourself regarding illness, an imbalance of organs, a blockage…


The essence of Qi Gong

The essence of Qi Gong Learning Qi Gong is not difficult but easy, because it is about retrieving an ability you once had. When you were a child, you had to let go of this ability to conform yourself to the world. Learning Qi Gong is not about learning postures, exercises, breathing and mindset. These are merely the tools that…


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