The power of Silence

I never forget my first lesson of Yuan Qi Gong with Dr. Sun. For some time now, every morning I was in Di Tan Park to practice Qi Gong. Sometimes I practiced alone and for another period of time, I joined a group led by a teacher. Every morning I was able to be at a place where there was…


The freedom of your own conviction

‘Acupuncture only works properly if you are truly convinced that it will work.’ Dr. Sun said as a comment on a treatment that didn’t go very well. A little surprised I looked at him. ‘You have to believe in it!’ I heard all the skepticts of the past in my head. The standard mocking reaction made by them after they…


The bigger effect of the moment

"I'm not a particularly nervous type, but I can remember that I was pretty shaky on the day of my first practical exam. This assessment consisted of examining a patient. After you had made your diagnosis you then had to treat the patient in a appropriate way with acupuncture and by putting together a proper herbal formula. All actions and…

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The deeper notion of simplicity

“I had an impressive collection of books on Traditional Chinese Medicine. I had also, more or less, read them all. At certain points these books presented different views of different subjects. When I encountered these differences, I would study the theories until I found an explanation for the differentiation. In this way I did a lot of philosophizing. The day…


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