Learn how to work with Qi and you will learn the things you always felt missing.
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If you take a problem on a Qi level. it will open your possibilties beyond expectation.
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Everybody looks at an issue differently. Bring it back to the essentials where everybody can share a clear view.
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My whole life has becomeĀ  Qi (energy).

When I feel, I feel Qi, When I see, I see Qi, when I breath, I breath Qi. So when it is about work there is only one thing I can do; work with Qi.


A masterclass with Henk Helsper is always about how to work with energy. It can be about a specific part of Qi Gong like Qi breathing, Qi movement, how to generate, store, open or direct Qi.

A masterclass can also be about a specific illness or syndrome and how to use your Qi. Like Spinal complaints, migraine, menopause, diminished eyesight, hay fever, chronic Fatigue et cetera.

Maybe you want a masterclass on a professional level because you are a health professional and struggle with the energy issues there. Or you have a completely different job, and just want to know how not only to survive work, but to make it an asset to your life. How do you divide your energy, What is your perfect body/energy rhythm, how can you gain energy during work, instead of losing it. These are some of the issues everybody in every job knows about.

Define what you want to know about life and the role of Qi and book Henk Helsper here!


Two types of education are given by Henk helsper:

  1. Yuan Qi Gong
  2. Yuan acupuncture

Yuan Qi Gong:

Yuan Qi Gong is a form of Qi Gong in which you only work with the core essentials of Qi Gong. This education is set up in 3 stages;

  1. Training for Qi instructor. Here you learn in 4 sections of each 3 days, how to manage your own Qi, how to enhance it and correct it and how to become a teacher of Qi Gong for classes in your hometown.
  2. Training Qi therapist. In this training of 8 times 2 days, you learn how to enhance your basic power, The smooth flow of your energy and the activation of it. Next to that you learn how to diagnose a person, how to make a therapy plan and how to execute it. So you can show a patient how to heal him/herself with a Qi exercise.
  3. Training for Qi Teacher. In this training you learn how to educate instructors and therapists. It is a training of one month and is especially focused on your personal level of energy and how you can copy that to another person.

Yuan acupuncture:

In this form of acupuncture, you use the needle as sort of joystick to direct and correct the energy of the patient. Therefor you need only one needle together with a powerful personal Qi level.

This education is held in cooperation with certified educational institutes. At this time only for certified traditional Chinese medical acupuncturists who already have followed the training for Qi instructor and Qi therapist. This training of 6 times 3 days.



Lectures on the topics of Traditional Chinese medicine, Energetic medicine, Qi Gong and disharmonious conditions of people, organizations or companies are approached on a philosophical and practical level.

Qi Instructor

January 20 – february 5 Thailand

Intensive course how to work directly with energy and how to teach others. Theory, philosophy but especially practical training of your skills. Two weeks at a beautiful natural setting in Thailand that will change your life.

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