You can talk about a lot of things which are important to Qi Gong; hold your hand like this, put your feet like that, breathe in towards the belly, use the empty force, move like you move through water and many more. All these points of attention are true, but none of these will bring you the total feeling, that you get when you work with Qi. All these points of interest will keep your concentration in the wrong place. That is to say, they will occupy your thoughts long before they become an automatic capability in your body. Thoughts that form a distraction from the real feeling of Qi. All these things however will enter your exercise naturally when you work from and with the essence. This is the real key to Qi Gong.

This key gives you the ability to work immediately and effectively with Qi Gong. It exists of three beginnings which are actually one.

  1. One beginning is that you have to learn about the middle feeling, the feeling between mind and body. The total feeling of Qi.
  2. Another beginning is that you have to know about the Dan Tian as your center of everything.
  3. The last beginning is the element which is almost always forgotten. It is the knowledge that your Dan Tian is not only your center but at the same time it is your entire energy.

That is the key to Qi Gong; your Dan Tian as your center and as your entire qi in one feeling.