Learn how to generate Qi.

How to hold it, change it and put it to use

Working with the essence of Qi Gong, the Yuan Qi Gong.


This means working with qi from the core, in the core and to the core

‘How to work with Qi’ is a course that teaches you how to get in touch with energy and how work with it. You will learn to feel and touch energy as you can feel and pick up any object in front of you.

In this course you can expect hands-on exercises in a sequence where you learn step by step to build up your Qi (life-energy). In every step you come to a certain feeling and to a certain degree of control of your body, energy and mind. Only after reaching this, you can continue to the next step. This means that there is ample assimilation, explanation and feedback on what you are doing.  Also, the philosophical view on the Tao of energy will help you to grow in understanding and in your work with Qi.

A number of 44 lessons over a duration of a year will teach you how you can really grasp Qi and put it to practice;

This course will make you healthier, both physical and mentally. But it will also make you a much more balanced and stronger person.

It is a life skill that you can never loose, because it is you, who is changing to make it possible. It is like getting to know somebody that becomes a supporting and wise friend. One that will be one with you.