Henk Helsper now only works with Yuan Qi Gong; one movement of Qi, from the core, taking everything in its flow. (see “Master of the wind” or follow the basic course). But before that he studied a lot of methods of Qi Gong. In all these methods he searched for the essentials of Qi Gong. Especially the lessons Henk taught his students brought him closer to this concept. These exercises were recorded for his students and are posted here. When he taught these Qi Gong sequences and Tai Chi forms, he took them apart into the most simple movements of Qi. From there he started to build up until he came to the form or exercise range you see in these video’s.  That is the value of these exercises.

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Lian Tian Ti

The Lian Tian Ti is a mixed form of a strong Qi Gong intention and a Tai Chi performance. The Qi purpose is to bring together and enhance the energies of Heaven and Earth in man.

Peking Form

Tai Chi Chuan Yang style 24 steps is the most famous of all Tai Chi forms. It learns you to concentrate on breathing, movement and intentionand merge them into one.

Tai Chi Sword

Tai Chi Chuan, Yang style 32 steps long sword. This Tai Chi Chuan form teaches you how to focus your Qi; within the rhythm of breath and movement on a specific point.

Badu Anjin

The famous eight brocade exercises. a way of Qi Gong to stay lean and strong from your core. Very easy to do and as for intensity; you can easily shift from body to qi.

18 Therapies A

All the exercises to keep your body fit and filled with Qi trough the 18 therapy Qi Gong. This Qi Gong sequence is devided in 6 groups. In this video group one , two and three.

18 Therapies B

All the exercises to keep in shape and remain your good health together with a strong Qi. This Qi Gong sequence contains 6 groups. In this video group four, five and six

Tai Chi Yang style 48 steps

This beautiful Tai Chi form is the big brother of the Peking form; more powerful movements of Qi in rhythm meaning a stronger basic flow. defenitely worth the effort.

Tai Chi single Fan

Not so popular as the sword, also more diffecult in regard to the  sending and the colleting of Qi in the rhythm of the form. But a real must for Tai Chi enthousiasts.

Di Ren Tian-1

These exercises will bring you in contact with all your energies. Great series for beginner for its easiness. Great series for the intermediate Qi Gong practitioner to deepen his skills towards working with Qi

Di Ren Tian-2

Qi Gong series consisting of 22 exercises. The exercise will bring you in contact with all your energies. In this video the secund part, exercises 11-22. Take your pick and do a few with your utmost intention.

Wu Qin Qi

The Wu Qin Qi is the “Five Animal play” The animals are the tiger, bear, deer, monkey and crane, corresponding to the the Five Elements. Each animal has a yin and yang exercise working on the internal organs.

Wu Xing /wood

Qi Gong according to the energies of the five elements. Wood is the element for our growth, for smooth conversions and transactions. Wood is the free flow of Qi and the courage to overcome little and great fear.

Wu Xing /fire

Qi Gong according to the energies of the five elements. Fire is your most yang energy. It is activating, warming and moving. It is your biggest passion and also your smallest intuition.

Wu Xing/earth

Qi Gong according to the five elements. Earth is the central element and the balance between all. It is the pivot between fire and water, expansion and retraction,  It is the determination what belongs to you.

Wu Xing / metal

Qi Gong according to the five elements. Metal is the element that sets your boundaries and it is the energy how to widen them. It is the element that sets your goals and its the focus towards them.

Wu Xing /water

Qi Gong according to the five elements. Water is the basic element, The foundation for life and activity. It is the anchor for your goal, the nourishment for growth. The bases for expansion and rest you can return to.

Jiu Zhuan Da Yun Tian

Nine exercises to evoke the big circulation. The small circulation goes through Du Mai and Ren Mai meridian. These exercises normalize and activate your complete meridian circulation.

Wu Xing Zhiang

The combination of movements, breathing and sounds to release the 5 stuck emotions from the 5 major organs, who function as a root for the five elements in our energy.

Shili Quan

This Tai Chi form is a build up from different execises each to enhamce the power of Qi. Through the sequence of movements, all the different systems and organs are activated that build your Qi.

Daifu Wu Gong

A variation of Qi Gong exercises to maintain and better a balance in your health, forged into this Tai Chi Form, according to the energies of the Zang Fu  in the 5 elements.

Master of the wind / exercise from the book

Once Henk Helsper learned about the essentials of Qi Gong he wrote his book ‘Master of the wind’.  ‘Master of the wind’ is the book that expains Yuan(core)Qi Gong. It also gives a further insight on patterns of disharmony and brings them back to 9 essential patterns. To counter these 9 essential patterns Henk gives 9 healing actions. Done with the right intention, you can feel your pattern of disharmony changing and bringing back the  harmony and the strenght into your person.

The submersion

In this action the goal is to replenish the yin and consolidate it in the Dan Tian. The result of this exercise is that your body centre (pelvis, abdomen and back) wil get stronger, Also you will be able to keep the warmth better in your centre (for people with empty heat)

The Crane takes off from its nest

In this action you release Qi from the Dan Tian, open it up to Heaven and replenish your energy with it. The result is a more free flow of Qi, a release of the blockages you suffer from.

Letting the stars shine – Dan Tian – Yin Tang

This Third action consists actually of two actions First; You dissolve the stagnation in your abdomen and bring clearness in your energy.
Second:You dissolve any stagnation in your head and bring clearness in your energy.
Both dissolve waste of both body and mind and will counteract latent or chronic diseases.

The Tiger prepares his Jump

In this action you turn your basic core, the Dan Tian, into a powerful source with which you drive Qi from center towards the outside. In doing so you expel harmful energy (shar qi) that has penetrated your energy from the outside.

The Flight of the wild Goose

 In this action you open your Qi Body and supply it with more energy from Heaven. You reach out and take Qi in into the Dan Tian.

Looking at Heaven and spreading the Qi

In this action you release Qi from blockages. By releasing the Qi in this way, it can flow freely up and down. With this free flow there comes more balance between action and nutrition. A more peaceful and clearer functioning of you as a whole person.

Calming the storm

In this action you bring all your Qi from externl activity to a rest.You bring all aspects of Qi in your movement and you come back to a more balanced state with the Dan Tian as core and anchor.

Pushing and Pulling the waves

In this action you take the flow of Qi through Earth and Heaven and you make it bigger, stronger and more fluent. In this way you enrich the flow of Qi through you constantly with the powers of Earth and Heaven.

The seed germinates and becomes a Flower

In this action you activate and enlarge your core as a means to take in more warmth. You achor this new warmth  so you can keep working with it to improve your level of energy within a balanced state.