Qi Gong, like physical exercise or yoga is good for everybody. If people talk about it they almost always mention its relaxing effect. What most people don’t realize is that you can use Qi Gong for everything that needs improving regarding yourself as a human being. You can not only improve yourself regarding illness, an imbalance of organs, a blockage or a lack of energy. Applications of this kind already cover the whole field of physical and psychological needs and go beyond that. You can also use Qi Gong to improve your skills. Skills you have as an athlete, as an artist, as a thinker or as a healer. I myself improved my skills in martial arts and I have always used it in my profession of traditional Chinese medicine. Now you might think for a healer it is natural to work with energy, but it is not. Personally I am always amazed how little professional healers really now about working with energy. Most of them learn their theories and copy techniques from recent and ancient thinkers in the field but they never get a hold of the real energy which is there to work with. They are not to blame because there are not many people who will teach them the essence. Mostly it is like:  This is the way. It is done like this, so that’s how we do it. Not many people know how far Qi Gong can bring them. If there is one specific use of Qi Gong that applies to them personally, they can grasp it. But the whole spectrum is too  immense to be interesting for most.

This spectrum of topics (how it is being taught) is so enormous that an enumeration may discourage you. You have Qi Gong for cleaning your organs, Qi Gong for strengthening the tendons, Qi Gong to raise your energy, Qi Gong to lower your energy, Qi Gong to empty your mind, Qi Gong for getting rid of negative emotions, Qi Gong to fill your Yin energy, Qi Gong to excite your Yang energy. The list is endless. Now you cannot learn them all. I can tell you this from experience because I tried to gather a lot. At one point luckily I realized, it is all one and the same Qi Gong, one and the same energy. There are only different accents. I began to take away all unnecessary aspects up until I was left with the pure essence of working with energy. This pure essence takes away all doubt and clouds around Qi Gong so you can personally work with it beyond expectation.