Learning Qi Gong is not difficult but easy, because it is about retrieving an ability you once had. When you were a child, you had to let go of this ability to conform yourself to the world.

Learning Qi Gong is not about learning postures, exercises, breathing and mindset. These are merely the tools that help you to exercise and understand Qi Gong. However they remain inadequate when you don’t know what the essence of Qi Gong is;

The essence of Qi Gong is breathing Qi. The breathing of Qi contains the same aspects as the breathing of air. Namely collecting it, sending it, transforming and storing it. You don’t use only your lungs for this breathing. You use every cell of your body as a filter. The motivational force is your core. This is the pump that attracts, sucks in, transforms and sends out.

Using Qi gong  in a rhythm of conscious breathing, it becomes a powerful tool. Not only for a brief better feeling after practice, but a tool to change and create your life. The obstacles and your goals.

Don’t start Qi Gong by learning the tools, the steps and the rules about posture. Forget about hierarchy, levels, secrets and mysticism. Just learn how to breath Qi.

Its is a human knowledge. It is given to you by birth and it is there for you to recover. Easy to learn yet powerful to work with.